Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I read about Halley's Comet coming through sometime between October 19Th and October 22nd or 23rd, and since it only happens every fifty years or so I really wanted to get a glimpse of it.
After all I certainly won't be around long enough to get a second chance.

Fifty years from now, I would be a hundred and sixteen years old a miracle in itself and frankly as forgetful as I am already, I doubt very seriously at that age, even if I did make it out the door to sit on the steps I would probably forget why I was out there.

Supposedly the best time to view the comet was just before dawn, so I took my one and only chance at viewing this once in my lifetime Sky watchers dream.

I also read that in the south it would probably be viewed best between the twenty-first to twenty third. So I played my own little Russian Roulette and picked the twenty second.

So on the twenty-second at about 5:30a.m. I went outside and sat on my front stairs and waited.

I didn't bother to drag out a telescope.

It was so beautiful and the sky was so clear I couldn't have cared less if a saw a comet or not.

I was consumed in the beauty that I was starring at, at that moment.

The moon was to my right. It was a full moon and it looked extra large, putting off a glow that in itself consumed a good part of the sky around it.

I looked away and turned to my left. Without the glow of the moon in my eyes I could see how full of stars the sky was. I also saw a pattern of some sort made of stars. They were far apart but very definitely a zigzag pattern.

And then it happened, zooming through the sky and right through that zigzag pattern and then on it's way across the sky went something that looked like, what I call a shooting star. I'm not knowledgeable enough about star-watching to know what it was, so I pose the question to you.

What do you think it was?

Was it just that, a shooting star?

Could it have possibly been Halley's Comet?

Or Perhaps even something else?


Blogger Id it is said...

Strange that you saw exactly what I did; except that I saw it around 1200midnight while I was driving into Dubois MI !
However, like you said, comet or no comet, that experience of being one with the sky was priceless so enjoy : )

11:50 AM  
Blogger EXSENO said...

Yes, it truly was one priceless experience, and I'm glad that we shared it.
You describe the feeling exactly, "that experience of being one with the sky".

8:11 AM  
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