Monday, April 14, 2008


Well, it's been awhile. A little over a month I believe.
Let me see, where did I leave off. Ah yes.

The weather was lovely after the beautiful snow storm and I thoroughly enjoyed the spring weather that followed for the next few days. Little did I know how fickle Mother Nature was.

A little over a week gos by. My grandson and I were spending a very relaxing evening at home together. He was playing a game on the computer and I, well at the moment I don't even remember what I was doing. Suddenly he said I just heard over the scanner that there is a storm coming our way with high winds, possible tornadoes and golf ball size hail. "What"?

Nothing was flashing across the television screen, and it always does when there is even the least sign of bad weather coming our way. No warning, no program interruption, nothing, but he kept insisting.
I walked over to the scanner and it was going crazy, police were calling each other and asking who had the keys to City Hall and people were rushing up there for safety.
The disaster warning started going off with that unmistakable take cover screeching sound. In a few minutes the television finally started blaring the same dreaded warning.

Then my grandsons fear factor kicked in, and he was wanting to know what we were going to do? So I broke the news, "We're going to stay right here and hang tight."
Somehow that just didn't sit right with him at all so I had to explain. His Uncle was away at his girl friends to far to make it back and his Mother was away at work in Louisiana, they had the vehicles and we were stranded. I did try to assure him that we would be just fine. About that time the hail hit and hit hard.

The phone rings and it's my daughter. Knowing that she can't possibly make it home she wants to know where my son is, not her son, my son. She makes me laugh, every time she's mad at him he's my son and not her brother.
I explain where he is and asked her if they are getting it too, but so far they have been lucky.
The phone rings again and it's my son. Mom are you alright! I tell him we're fine and it seems to be slowing down now and I asked how it was there, he said terrible they were in the middle of it as we were speaking.
So I told him, no actually, I demanded that he stay there. Knowing my son he would drive through fire to get home in an emergency, so I assured him that the worst was over here. It was suppose to hit again but it didn't, at least the hail didn't the wind and rain came next.
As soon as I thought is was safe enough to open the door I had to have a look at how big the hail was. What sounded like baseball size hail, was only about quarter size hail, but still it was the biggest hail I had ever seen. I thought to myself there is probably some roof damage and the next day I found there was a couple of cracked windows, one with a tiny whole in it like a Beebe gun would make. I consider us lucky.

Somewhere between week three and four another terrible storm comes our way. No warning. My grandson was in school, but this time it was high winds and horrific rain barreling down like the heavens had opened up and let it all down at once.
I thought we would surely need another Noah's Ark to save us from the flood that would follow. Well at least this time my daughter was home.

Since there is only one way in and out of our little road and it's over a bridge that floods fifty percent of the time, I decided to go to the school and check my grandson out of school an hour early while I still could get out. That is if it wasn't to late. I approached the bridge. The bridge is up a little bit of a hill. The water was moving swiftly just under the bridge. It almost looked like it was brushing the underside of the bridge. Little did I realize until I reached the top of the bridge the road on the other side of the bridge was flooded. Down the little hill I went thinking to myself how deep could it be, I'll be fine. Until I started going through it and it kept getting deeper and deeper. My first instinct was to speed up and get through it faster but then I realized the the best move was to go through is as slow as possible to try to avoid the water from getting into the motor and flooding it out. I looked down to see if it was coming in the doors yet but it wasn't so I crept through and made it to the school grabbed my child and headed home dodging falling limbs and debris everywhere. I wondered what I would do if I met an oncoming car as I was having to zig zag all over the place.

We made it home just fine and there we stayed, one more time waiting for it all to end, of course I can't say that I was at ease, not yet. Then I saw my sons four wheel drive racing past my drive way to his.

Now I'm at ease, all my chicks are safe at home.

In between the storms and even now all of my spare time has been spent trying to do damage control on my yard. There are a lot of trees around my yard.
Every time a storm passed through it left me with many gifts of leafs, pine needles and many, many broken tree limbs. Two acres is a lot of limbs.
Not to mention cooking, washing, ironing and cleaning for two house holds. Let us not forget raising a teenager. It has been a busy month in general. Report cards came out and there were teachers conference's and all of that good stuff. Can't wait to tell you about that.

By the way did you miss me? I sure missed you!

A special Thanks to 'AVIANA' and to ' Damsel Underdressed' , for checking on me to see if I was alright. I feel the love.
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