Monday, September 17, 2007


Well it seems that the famous O.J. Simpson is in the news again.

Apparently this time Mr. Simpson supposedly took it upon his self to take the law into his own hands while in Las Vegas. He claims that he formed a sting operation to get back some sports memorabilia back that really belonged to him.

So why didn't he just call the police and tell them to arrest the man that had these stolen goods?? Why did he bust into this mans hotel room with gun in hand to retrieve what he claims is his? Beats me.
I suppose that if someone had stolen something from me I'd want it back too. But was it really stolen? Or did the man obtain these things legally and O.J. decided he wanted them back. Time will tell.

Getting something that belongs to you back from someone is not a crime, but forming a sting operation with gun in hand is a crime.

I would like to believe that maybe this is some kind of strange justice.

Gods way of finally getting the man that so many people thought killed two people years ago and walked away Scott free with that nasty little grin on his face.

When O.J. Simpson go's to trial this time, will the judge throw the legal book at him. Or will he do the crime without paying the time.

Frankly I fear he will get off with a slap on the hand. Or will this judge take this opportunity to nail his arrogant self, because O.J. seems to think he can do anything and get away with it.

What do you think? I'm interested in your opinion.

Monday, September 03, 2007


A Brave and Noble American Heroine

She was one of the most influential American Indian women in history,
respected by the Cherokee and the American colonists alike.

Known as "Nancy Ward" to early settlers, "White Rose" was
responsible for saving the lives of countless colonists during
the historic years of the Revolutionary War.

She was a woman of great wisdom and foresight, she earned
the respected position of "Ghighua" or "Beloved Woman"
with the Cherokee Tribal Council who sought her guidance
on all important matters.

I came across a small article about White Rose/Nancy Ward by accident, which made me
want to know more. I must say she was a fascinating woman who lead a fascinating life.
She fought wars and made piece. She was an extraordinary human being.

There seems to be much controversy about her date of birth, it varies somewhat from
person to person. So I'm simply posting this headstone, hoping that it is the most
accurate which says, 'Born 1738 - Died 1822. If this is at all anywhere near accurate,
she lived a full and long life and well deserved.

When she died "a light rose from her body, fluttered around the room like a bird, left through an open door and disappeared toward Chota. This was watched by those in attendance who were startled at this apparation".

" This statement made by her great-grandson, John Walker "Jack" Hildebrand (1818-1910) in 1908, is part of the legend of Nancy Ward, a full-blood Native American who rose to prominence in the tribe during war with the Creeks and whose assistance to settlers in Tennessee made her a popular figure.

Credit for information of this post from, 'The Hamilton Collection', makers of
collectable plates. (Who would have thought?)
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