Sunday, March 09, 2008


Last Thursday my son stopped by and found me fighting with a tape measure trying to figure out how to make a level line on my wall so that I could try to put up this big decorative shelf that I had just bought.
He asked what I was doing and I told him, all he said was, "Oh", then he told me that it was suppose to snow tomorrow and he turned around and left.

Well, I didn't believe that it was going to snow because we have had a pretty mild winter. The last time it snowed here was about nine years ago. But I did think that my son could have offered to help me with the shelf.
On the other hand I wasn't surprised either when he came right back with all of the proper tools to make the job easy and hung the shelf for me. It would have taken me forever to try to hang that big heavy thing, but he had it leveled and hung in about five minutes and I am not exaggerating. Then he looked at me and said, "That's just something for people to hit their heads on". My reply was "Maybe you, but I'll never hit my head on it" He laughed. You see I'm barely five feet tall and he is six-two, but I make up for it in strength.

I think what really worried him was when he saw the chair with a stack of books on it that I had been standing on to make me tall enough to make the marks on my wall, can't have Mom falling and breaking something, he'd lose his cleaning lady.

While I enjoyed how nice my shelf looked I noticed it was getting colder and colder, but I still had no thoughts of snow.

Fridays' sun came up and it was bitter cold and on my way to taking my grandson to school I made some silly joke that it was certainly cold enough to snow.
I dropped my grandson off, got settled in back home and in a couple of hours I hear on the TV that all of the schools were closing. Low and behold snow was falling. They announced all of the schools that were closing, but ours wasn't mentioned. So I called the school and asked if they were going to close as well and they said yes, but they hadn't decided when. So I asked if I could pick my child up now since I have only one way in and out of my road and it's over a steal bridge and it's very slippery.
Not to mention I wanted to beat the rush, because the people around here drive like crazy maniacs.

Getting to the school wasn't a problem the snow wasn't coming down very fast but the minute we got back home and parked the snow started coming down in sheets, I couldn't believe how thick it was. The ground was covered like a blanket in minutes.

My grandson went outside and disappeared for a long time. When he came back his face was bright red and frozen, but he could care less he had a ball. He explored every aspect of the two acres behind my home and the patch of woods to the left side of my yard.

We settled in for the evening. The snow never eased up, but since it was the weekend we just enjoyed the beauty of it.
The dark grey sky. The blanket of thick white snow on the ground and the beautiful contrast of the glistening covered tree branches against the dark brown tree bark was a sight to behold.
It all seemed to take on a glow as the sun started to go down.
So Serene, so calm, so quiet.

Nature is a strange phenomena, ever changing. We can try to predict it, but we can't control it, we can only accept what ever it brings.

There is nothing more dangerous and yet at times nothing more beautiful, then what nature decides to allow us to view.
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