Friday, June 30, 2006


I can't remember what I was looking for, but quite awhile back I was surfing the net and fell upon this news article that I found absolutely charming. At the time all I could think of was what a lovely thing to do and I think I'll just tuck this little URL away in draft for one of those days when I feel 'brain dead', (which happens often) and I can't think of a thing to blog about.

For 58 years there has been a daily Flag-Lowering Ritual at the Pakistan-India Border, but it is done in such a special way that you just have to read it yourself.

Please have a look. See the picture and read a lovely news story for a change. I think you will enjoy it. I really found it interesting.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I can't believe that Shirazi has tagged me. I thought he was my friend. Obviously he hasn't read the post where I stated that I hate tags. hmmm
Well o.k. I'll do it just this one more time because I think you are doing it for a reason. I think you are picking at people minds again so I'll bite, because you chose three very different personalities. A young interesting woman, an intelligent writer/author/who know what else, and the semi- literate/ semi- illiterate , me.

So I must pick a ' situation comedy' character that I would like to be, I pick Mindy of the sitcom Mork and Mindy, because I think it would be awesome to meet a Alien and incredible to be able to help him and allow him to live with me.

Sorry friends but now I have to tag three other bloggers. So I pick Becky ,because she's fun and , DIAMONDKT, because I think he'll be a good sport and do it and 'Ka, because I owe you one, payback time girlfriend. lol

You must follow these rules exactly, but they are easy, just one, two three.
1. Link to the person that tagged you
2. Pick the sitcom person that you want to be
3. Tag three other people (I know ordinarily I wouldn't tag anyone either but I'm dyeing to see you answers).

Check this post out , he made his answers really easy , instead of writing his sitcom character he just linked to it.

I want to pick 'BB' real bad but I think she'd try to kill me and she can run faster then I can. I bet she would pick her:

Friday, June 23, 2006


Where have I been the last few years? In a bubble I think? It seems that sometime after I retired to do 'what I wanted to do', I somehow became the caretaker for everyone else's chores. And that's O.K. with me to a degree but I can't help wondering what is wrong with this picture.
I sometimes find that retiring can have it's drawbacks. It seems that family members who work seem to start depending on the fact that you have some free time and slowly begin to help you fill up that free time.

When I worked I didn't have anyone to run and pay my bills or wash my cloths, clean my house or make dinner or pick up the kids from school. If those things did not co-exist with my job then it was time to change jobs and I did.

So what is so different, so helpless, about the younger generation? Who by the way are not so young anymore.

In the process of helping, somewhere along the way I have become disorganized and overwhelmed with everything but the things that I want to do. In fact it seems that I don't do any of the things that I want to do, planned to do, or used to do. For someone who is retired it seems that I have no time for those things anymore.

Believe it or not this is not a complaint. This is an 'observation'. An observation of myself.

I like doing and helping and I will continue to do so, all I am saying is that somewhere along the way I lost track of me.

I lost sight of the 'I' in me and 'me' in I and the 'self' in my. I lost sight of who I am and what I want and in doing so I let go of all of those dreams. All of those feelings those urges and that exuberance of wanting to accomplish something of my own, for myself.

But how do I get those feelings back. That excitement, that creativity, seems to have died?

Then for some odd reason I decided to read my daily horoscope and this is what it said,

You're sharp as can be, handling all your tasks and commitments with a dancer's grace, so you may not feel overwhelmed or in need of any help. What you may not realize is that if you just put a few minutes into improving your organization, you could end up saving hours of time. Efficiency isn't boring -- it's the only thing holding you back from having a freer social calendar! Reprioritizing your tasks and sorting things out will put you in the lead.

Well of course, there is my answer or a part of it anyway, 'Organize and Prioritize'. Something I always did and had to do, to succeed when I was working.
Perhaps if I start there -- maybe the excitement of wanting to accomplishing something new in my life will come back and the I , me and my will find their way home to help me accomplish those long lost dreams.

But I digress--perhaps I am looking for a reason to blame others when I should place the blame upon myself. Perhaps I am unconsciously blaming others because I am afraid to complete my dreams, afraid of failure?? It's a possibility that I should not dismiss.

In any case it is time to find out and step number one will be to organize, prioritize and asses the situation.

By the way have you organized and prioritized lately?
Good advise, don't you think?

Sunday, June 18, 2006


Man invented the stove, then he invented different sizes. Better burners, larger ovens and even the broiler
He invented the sink, then he invented bigger sinks, double sinks and sinks with sprayers.
He invented the bathtub, then he invented long tubs, round tubs and even deeper tubs so that one could ease down into it a soak. Ahhh

But what about the toilet. The average person visits the toilet 2500 times a year. About 6-8 times a day. You spend about 3 years of your life in the toilet. Yet, most toilets are designed incorrectly.

I must say that the Japanese have far surpassed us in toilet technology. They have invented toilets with seats that warm, and dual sprayers stategically placed in the toilet bowl for cleansing and for some, the top of the line even has music or the sound of a toilet flushing to camouflaged the -- ah, noises that one might make while in the 'loo'.

However even they have not solved the world renown problem of how to keep a man from missing the pot.

I found a funny story about this a while back and posted it. Guaranteed to make you laugh.

Maybe the answer is that toilet seats should be made like potty seats, with a splash gaurd in the front and guys would sit instead of stand. Who the heck made it a rule that guys should stand anyway. Maybe if toilets seats had been made more user friendly to begin with, men would find it natural and women would be happier.

Anyway I can't help but wonder -- What do guys do when they have to pee and pop at the same time, is it like musical chairs, instead of round and around, is it up and down, or what? hehehe

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


The International Bird Rescue Research Center in Cordelia,California rescued an injured duck. It had a broken wing so they took an x-ray of it to find out what other injuries it might have. The X-ray showed a perfect image of the face of an alien along with what looked to be it's body, about 17 x 14 inches. Sadly the duck had other injuries and died, an autopsy was performed.

The autopsy determined that it was not an alien at all, but the normal things that ducks eat such as corn, etc.

The Research center thought that they would try to make a little money for their research by auctioning off the X-ray on e-bay. Little did they know that someone thought more of the X-ray then they did.

The Online casino Bought the X-ray for $10, 000. Oh my! They are putting it on display. Click the URL to read more.

I think it's a cute little story that one little deceased duck raised so much money for a good cause. Research.

However one little thing boggles my mind? In the past, this particular region of California has also become famous for its mysterious 'crop circles'.

Hmmm, crop circles, x-rays showing images of aliens. Could they be receiving messages? Like perhaps --' We're coming back' ??

Reminds me of the 'Twilite Zone'.

Aliens -- Do you believe??

I certainly believe in the possibility. I think the Universe is just to big for us to be the only living being or 'thing' inhabiting it.

Monday, June 12, 2006


The nude bicyclers are back. Oh my!

It seems that this new way of protesting has spread to Mexico
Mr. Mendez, arrived at the protest wearing only a pair of sneakers and a bike helmet.

He said, " This is what we have to do to get drivers to see us and respect us."

Respect? Ah, O.K. if you say so Mr. Mendez. But they'll be seen that's for sure.

This time the nude protesters are protesting for more decent conditions for bikes on the streets. He claims they need better bike paths, better lanes on the streets for bikers and some respect from car drivers.
Saturday's demonstrators also stressed that they were helping the city's severe smog problem.

They added, "We don't pollute". Good thought.

There was a picture but it wasn't a very good picture or I would have popped it up here for you. However ------

Last year I did a post on nude bikers taking to the streets in Spain. That protest was also done in June. They were protesting for ," less pollution and more room for pedestrians and bicycles.

I must say there certainly is a lot of bicylers in Spain. They had a huge turn out. They were really organized. They protested in capital Madrid and in Zaragoza, Pamplona, Barcelona and Huesca.
Some of their slogans were, "Naked against the traffic: This city is mine."

You can view the picture here:

Monday, June 05, 2006


Every year Dr. Samuel Weinstein, a heart surgeon and a team of medical personal give up their vacation time to go to 'El Salvador' on a mercy-mission to give operations to people who otherwise would be doomed without their help.

He was operating on an 8yr. old boy and everything was going well. It was a very intricate heart surgery involving replacing heart valves. During this over 12 hour long surgery the boy began bleeding profusely and they didn't have a lot of the medicines they would use to stop the bleeding. In addition to that They were running out of blood to give the boy. The little boys blood was B-negative and so was the surgeons so he stopped long enough to donate his own blood to the boy. Then went back to the boy in surgery.

When he was given praise for this, this is what he said,
"It's a real team effort," he said. "I'm getting the attention because I'm the one who gave the blood, but there wasn't anybody on the team — I mean anybody, the nurses, the clerks — who wouldn't have done it."

Sometimes we think about how much money people in the medical profession make, but do we ever think about what a hectic life it can be? Most them don't have much down time. Especially these hospital medical teams. Vacation time is down time. A time to relax and unwind.

To give up their vacations year after year to go somewhere where their is so much heartbreak to do something like this, when these people would never be able to get this kind of help,in my humble opinion is a pretty wonderful thing.

I think each person on this medical team is a true hero. The kind one might call the 'unsung hero's' of the world.
They do it without praise, out of the goodness of their hearts. They don't care if you hear about them or not they just want to help. They're certainly on my hero's list.
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