Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I fooled you didn't I? You thought you'd gotten rid of me didn't you?
No such luck my friends, I'm just like a bad penny, I'm always going to turn up.
The truth is I never intended to be gone this long.
In fact I never intended to be gone at all, a couple of weeks at the most.

I hope that no one thought that I was ill because I was not. The truth is I'm very healthy and if my outer looks were as good looking as my inside feels, I'd be a good looking twenty year old. But no such luck.

Ah but I'm grateful for any small favors that the good Lord chooses to send my way, I can live with a few (a few to many) wrinkles for what feels like a young healthy feeling body any day. But let me tell you why I haven't been blogging.

It all started like this, I have this huge yard almost two acres and all the way around it, it is lined with trees and bushes. Every winter Mother Nature sends us winds and storms and she reeks havoc with my trees and bushes breaking limbs and damaging bushes all over the place.
So when spring came and the weather got so lovely I started to clean up my yard. My son and grandson did a huge part of the work but there was still plenty for me and anyone else in the family, with the exception of one. My daughter.
I think she has glue on her derriere because when she is home she never gets up from the chair in front of the computer. It doesn't seem to bother her at all to sit there for almost twenty-four hours. She even eats setting at the computer.
And God forbid someone else might need to get on. If she gets up at all, she will stand by your shoulder and repeat every five minutes, are you done yet, are you done yet.
Well sure I'm done because I can't think with the constant echo of 'Are you done yet' ringing in my ears.

The longer I stayed away the harder it was for me to come back. I felt so lost, so out of the loop, so brain dead. Where would I find the words. I have missed all of you so very much.
Little did I realize that all I had to do was say 'Hello'.

I love this place that I like to call Blogsville. And I love my blogger friends, each and every one of you is like a part of my extended family. If I should never hear from you again you will always be with me, for each one of you has their own little place deep within my heart.

Ah yes, it feel so good to be back.
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