Wednesday, March 04, 2009


OK, I admit it, I've been a lazy blogger lately. But I have been busy, with my son getting married soon there has been a lot of things that needed to be overseen.
They bought a new trailer to replace the old one and since they both work they needed someone to help them out. So I was the designated someone.

Little did I realize just how much needed to be taken care of. Calling everyone to get the utilities cut off was a simple task, but when the new trailer was moved in, that was all together a different story.
Arrangements had to be made appointments for different things on different days and I had to make all of the arrangements and be there to oversee that everything was done by their specifications.

It was not as easy as I thought it would be. They needed things done immediately because they needed to get moved in as soon as possible. At this point none of these companies seemed to be as accommodating as they where at turning things off. After all it was a bit more complicated now.
New wiring had to be hooked up to the new trailer home. Water pipes had to be laid, television cables needed to be put in and I had to be there the whole time.

Through all of this my phone kept ringing off the wall, some days every few minutes. Here is a small part of some of the phone conversations. Him, Mom do this for me. Her will you please do that for me. Him, ten minutes after his last call, did you get it done? Me, yes. Her, did you get in touch with them? Me, Yes.
Him, will they be there tomorrow? Me, No not until Monday. Him, why not. Me, because they have other appointments first. And so it went on all day.

When each crew arrived on their designated day,I had to be there to make sure that everything was done right and that nothing in the trailer was damaged and that any holes that need to be drilled were drilled where they wanted them, not where the workers might have wanted to put them.

So to make a long story a little shorter. I ended up being, Secretary, Appointment Maker, Trouble Shooter and even Crew Boss and I might add a darn good one too.

Thank God it's done and all done to their specifications and they are now moved in
and stressful as it was, I was glad that I was able to help.

I went over there the other night to give them my sons bills so that they could start budgeting, his, hers and theirs together.

As I was about to leave, I was sweetly and properly thanked for all of my help and told how much I was loved and appreciated. Of course that made it all worth it.

I told them you're welcome, I'll send you the bill for my services in the morning. lol
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