Tuesday, February 27, 2007


If you have read my blog at all then you must know how I love it when there is a new scientific find. On land or sea, it doesn't matter to me. Show me a new found sea creature or a new fossil and I'm ex-static.
Fossils are exciting because they give us one more link to the past and I love that.
But I think that finding a new species of sea creature intrigues me even more, because they are living in the 'here and now'. It's like the earth is our world and the sea is theirs and only theirs.

Who knows what really lurks in the deep or what else is yet to be found. How can we really know that the sailors of long ago didn't really see Mermaids and Gigantic sea creatures and how do we know that they are not still there, smart enough to no longer show their-selves to the barbaric land dwellers that have abused their territory in the past.

Have a look at these new finds. The 'link' to the article is below.

Antarctic octopus (Paraledone turqueti). Credit: E. Jorgensen, NOAA 2007

A new species of Shackletonia, an amphipod crustacean sampled near Elephant Island, Antarctic Pensisula, during the Polarstern expedition. Credit: C. d'Udekem, Royal Belgium Institute for Natural Sciences

These fast-growing sea squirts were found at Larsen A. This can be an indication of a first step towards a biodiversity change after the collapse of the ice shelves. The animals in the foreground are colonised by two crustaceans and a brittle star. Credit: J. Gutt, Alfred-Wegener-Institute

These deep-sea sea cucumbers are abundant in the Larsen B area. Interestingly they are all heading in the same direction. Credit: J. Gutt, Alfred-Wegener-Institute 2007

The researchers catalogued about 1,000 species in an area of the Antarctic.

Read more about it here: 'Strange New Creatures Found in Antarctica'.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


A little boy went into a restaurant and sat at a table. The waitress asked him what he wanted to order.
He asked the waitress how much a large bowl of ice cream was. She said fifty cents. Then he asked her how much the small bowl was. She was a little aggravated because she wanted the table for other customers, still, she was not rude to the boy and replied thirty-five cents.
The boy ordered the smaller bowl of ice cream.

When the boy left the restaurant the waitress went over to clean off the table, neatly stacked on the table was two nickels and five pennies.

The little boy didn't get the ice cream he wanted because he wanted to leave the waitress a tip.

There is no better tip, no greater gift, than an unselfish kindness.

Monday, February 05, 2007


When I asked this soldier if I could borrow his post, he left me his permission in my comment section along with his opinion on the situation in Iraq.
He was stationed in Iraq,I think more accurately Bagdad and lived with the caos around him. I think he is intitled to his opinion and frankly I would rather hear some first hand opinions then a lot of hear say.
Capt. C said...

I have been in the room with the current President of Iraq and only one other person was with us. I have spoken to him one on one. He (at that time - which was about 6 months ago) had no intention of doing much. WE (the US) are paying him a ton of money. As soon as we leave, he will either be killed or loose the election (whatever that means over there). So, why miss up a good thing?

The people of Iraq (for the most part) understand only one thing - DEATH! Saddam understood this. Those people did what Saddam said out of fear. Weather you like it or not - doesn't matter. The people of Iraq obeyed him. When we took Saddam out of power, the people of Iraq converted to the only logical thing (for them) - KILL!

Look at the facts - Saddam in power = no car bombs, no deaths (except what Saddam and his sons did). Saddam out of power = caos!

Of course, there is so much more, but I don't want to take up all your space! ha! Also, feel free to use any of my stuff (you can even use my name. I am not a shame)
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