Sunday, January 25, 2009


I know what you're thinking and the answer is ------ NO, it's not me.

My son is getting married in the near future. I knew it was coming, I just didn't think it was going to happen so soon. It doesn't seem like they have been seeing each other but just a few months, then again to quote an old saying, '
"You never really know someone until you marry them."

The date is set for April 18Th. I know no details so I don't know if it's going to be a wedding with guests or if they are just going to go get married? No one offered so, I didn't ask. I figure they will tell me sooner or later.

They have both been married before and they are both in their early forties. My son has a son who is grown and he has a son of his own. My daughter-in-law to be, has three children of her own, ages nineteen, seventeen and nine and the seventeen year old just had a baby this year.

I wondered about my son. He's been living alone for a long time and I know he's been lonely, but how is he going to like a house with kids in it again.
Then I realized, he's going to love it.
He loves kids and babies and they usually love him too.
I really think this is just what he needs, a family to come home to will make him feel complete.

Now about my daughter-in-law to be. What do I think about her. I think she's great.
She's pretty, has a great personality, seems to be responsible and made it very clear to me shortly after I met her that she was crazy about my son and was going to love him forever.

Forever. What more could any parent ask for. I think I love her. I'm happy for them.

Did I mention that my son is my next door neighbor. Shortly after my husband past away, my son moved next door to me, for which I am eternally grateful.
He has been a blessing in so many ways. But soon there will be a new wife and family moving here.
They live kind of far from here so I'm assuming the little girl will have to leave her school before the end of the school year and what about the wife's job and what about the adjustments.
I'm not worried about my son and his new family adjusting, I'm sure they will be just fine. I'm worried about me. I have issues.

I have very mixed emotions. SELFISH EMOTIONS. Shame on me. I'm a terrible person.

I've been wondering how is all of this going to effect me.
Although I am ecstatically happy for them, I can't help wondering how this might change my life. My son and I knew we were always there for each other if needed but other than that we left each other alone.

After years of working I decided to take an early retirement. I became used to living alone, I enjoyed it, in fact I loved it. I liked the quiet serenity of being by myself. I began to read books, something I never seemed to have time for in the past. I learned to relax, a real luxury.

My property is very large and very private and I enjoy sitting in my back yard with a cup of coffee in the morning and a good book in the evening and sometimes I just love to sit outside and enjoy looking at the beauty of Mother Nature.

So what happens now. Am I still going to be able to enjoy my out of doors quiet time or am I going to have a little girl calling me granny and following me around?

Oh my, my grandson is finally almost all grown and here comes a little girl in the family.

But wait --- this could be fun.

We could have tea party's and I'll let her wear my high heal shoes and play dress up. Little girls love to do things like that.

A little girl, YES! I can't wait to spoil her rotten.

Wait a minute, my grandson did that too. lol

Friday, January 09, 2009


Remember, old folks are worth a fortune, with the SILVER in their hair, Gold in their teeth, and STONES in their kidneys, LEAD in their feet, and GAS in their stomachs.

I have become a little older since I saw you last, and a few changes have come into my life since then.

Frankly, I have become quite a frivolous old gal.
I am seeing FIVE gentlemen every day.

As soon as I wake up WILL POWER helps me get out of the bed. Then I go to see JOHN. Then CHARLIE HORSE comes along, and when he is here he takes up a lot of my time and attention.
When he leaves ARTHUR RITIS shows up and stays the rest of the day. He doesn't like to stay in one place too long, so he takes me from joint to joint.

After such a busy day I'm really tired and glad to go to bed with BEN GAY. WHAT A LIFE !!!!

The preacher came to call the other day. He said at my age I should be thinking about the hereafter. I told him, ' OH, I DO, all the time. No matter where I am, in the parlor, upstairs, in the kitchen, or down in the basement.

Author Unknown

Friday, January 02, 2009


It's a new day, a new dawn and a brand 'New Year'.
So what are you going to do with yours?

Are you one of those people that sit down and makes out your resolutions for the new year?
Do you accomplish any of them?

For myself, I stopped making a list of resolutions years ago when I realized I never stuck to my list so I never accomplished any of them.

But this year I did have a thought and for myself it is a great idea.

Instead of making a list of unattainable 'New Years' resolutions, I would give myself this little reminder.
Something I don't think of very often, but I certainly need to remember.
So I wrote it down and put it on my desk so that I would always be reminded of it.

It's a little prayer and I would like to share it with you. It's very short but very profound. I love it but tend to forget about it and it's something that I for one need to remember on a daily basis. It go's like this;

"God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference. "

Wonderful words to live by aren't they.

Courage; Not a problem.

Wisdom; Sometimes I get lucky.

Acceptance; My downfall!

What is your favorite resolution or reminder for the 'New Year'?
Tell me the one that is most important to you?
Have you set a new goal to attain?
Do you usually stick to your resolutions?
If you do you certainly have more willpower than I do.
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