Wednesday, March 30, 2005


The "BOMB". Boxing is the bomb!

From as far back as I can remember , I grew up faithfully watching boxing with my Father. It was to say the least, a weekly ritual and I grew to love it. But it all came to a hault around the age of 14 when my parents divorced. You know the scenario, Mother and Sister liked to watch the the same thing , so O.k. and when I was older it was still the same. Who ever I lived with or who ever lived with me, it was "O.K.,what ever you want". Until one day I accidentally happened upon a boxing match on "HBO" and was elated. Who knew --Da--not this idiot. Anyway the bug came back and I wanted more.

I mentioned it to someone who gave me the name of a site that when I went to gave me the schedules for all of the up coming fights that would be coming to HBO in the future. To him I'ed like so say "Thank YOU!!" I am eternally greatful.

I had a wonderful time last saturday night watching boxing. Of course I've been away from it for so long that I don't know any of them so I'll just have to bone up. But for those of you who are Joval fans, (like I said first time I've seen him) but he didn't show me much that night. Did you see that first gut punch Vargas landed just a little to the left side. Looked to me like Joval couldn't take a gut punch at all???? As for the Morales and Pacquiao fight, well I enjoyed it. I know now you think I'm a blood monger -no- I just like action. I'ed like to see some more of them both. I have to give credit to Pacquiao for hanging in there even tho I really don't think he could see much of anything. I never did see the dreaded punch Pacquiao was suppose to have. Maybe next time.

So now that I have found my "niche" again, I have made it quite clear to all ---Boxing night is my night. Do not hand me the phone and DON'T TOUCH THAT CHANNEL !!

Saturday, March 26, 2005


I am drowning, drowning
Drowning in tears

Crying for what use to be
Thoughts of yesteryears

Crying for what once was mine
Longing to go back in time

Yet I know, it can not be
For time go's on
And so must we

Friday, March 25, 2005


Where do we go, when we go away

Do we fly to the sky
Like the stars up so high

Do we orbit the earth
To see what is new

Do we walk through the tunnel
With the light into view

Where do we go
When we go away

Do we rise to the heavens
Ever after to stay

And do we come back, now and then
For a day

For you to feel our presence--
And know we are O.K.

Thursday, March 24, 2005


Not to long ago I had to help a relative with a school assignment. YUK! I hate to be the one to have to do that. It was a big assignment, but the teacher gave them plenty of time to get it done,two weeks. They had to do a family tree, complete with history of the family as far back as the students could go, (of course she didn't expect miracles from 7th graders). But she also wanted pictures, five family reciepes, and five old family storys.

Well my little guy was distraught. He'd never been around any family. I said, "No need to worry I have a family tree" so we ran to my tresure box and dug it out. It was in itself a treasure. It went all the way back to the 1800's and came complete with pictures. Old Old pictures of his great great grandparents and of my uncles. One uncle in his wrestling pose (he had a trunk full of medals and belts he had won in the navy. News clippings, complete with picure of another uncle in an army uniform from WWII, killed just a couple of months before the war ended. And the list goes on. We had a ball putting it all together.

Then it came to the storys , there were so many, all of my uncles were boxers and wrestlers. Do we tell about the uncle who was like "Rocky" from getting to many punches in the head?? Do we tell the one about my Moms brothers always using her for a sparring partner and breaking her nose?? Well we finally decided that a variety of generations would be the best. But we both liked the ones about my grandfather the best, and there was one in perticular that we just couldn't reset . And here it is.--(I have to alter the first part just a little or it will give away the anwser to my previous post).


My family came from Europe. It doesn't really matter which part of europe they come from, this one thing they all seem to have in commen. They all want to own resturants and they all like their wine. My grampa had a resturant but he liked homemade wine. All homes in Chicago have basements and so grampa always had barrels of wine in the basement fermenting. I don't know where he got the barrels but I'm sure he had no trouble getting the grapes smashed since he had twelve kids(I bet they all had purple toes).Unfortunately this was in the days of "Elliot Ness" and prohibition.

Grampa must have made somebody awfully mad, because someone snitched and one night the "Fed's" came to the door pushed there way in and ran to the basement. Grampa was pretty slick, rumor has it that his excuse was something like--I no understand what do bad , I no speak to much english---.

Well with twelve kids standing there they took pitty on him and didn't arrest him, but with hatchets in hands they broke every one of those barrels of wine. And that took some time there were "FOURTY" , yes fourty big barrels of wine, and it flodded the whole basement. Can you imagine?

The teacher loved the old pictures and the storys and he got the 100 point +50 bonus points, which he needed badly in that class.

Boy I'm thristy -- guess what I'm gonna have.

Monday, March 21, 2005

WHOOPEE !!!!!!!!!

Yehhhhhhh ! You're back.

I knew you could do it!!


I woke up this morning with the urge to write something really interesting (from this brain that's not easy) perhaps some famous quotes. But sitting here, at my site, I seem to have gone brain dead.

Hmmmmm, except for this one quote, I've always thought it was very profound.

-------------- "Silence Is Golden" --------------

Three little words,from who's mouth they came, I can't remember. But it pretty much says it all. When nothing else works sometimes "silence" is the only way to go.

In fact sometimes "silence" is the smartest way to go.

Friday, March 18, 2005


YES YOU, (Who else could it be no one fits the word special like you)

Today I think I caught a glimpse of what you are going through and I realize how difficult it must be. Do what you have to do , but I for one, hope you stay. Purely for selfish reasons, I'm one of your biggest fans.

I don't think you even realize just what a special person you really are, regardless of my age you reached out and helped me, comforted me and made me feel so welcome. Many younger people don't do that. With your permission I would be honored to call you friend. I feel like you are a very special friend. Thank you for everything!

None of your friends know about my site, so if you want to vent, just come visit me and vent away. and if you don't want me to comment back just tell me not to. I'm a good listener.

And if you just want to get your mind on something else read the blog under this one (it will give you something to think about) and I hope a little bit of a challange. And if that doesn't work try reading my post "Yonder, Carried and Acceptance, that should give you a little laugh.

Thank you so much for everything. If we loose touch I want you to know I'll always remember you and you will always be in this old gals prayers.


What's in a bloggers name. Some are made up of something a person likes, like a flower. Some are made up of a part of their real name. Some are made up of letters each symbolizing something. And some are made up just because they think they will attract attention. Some are picked from heroes , fantasys , whole phrases and jokes. Still others are chosen because they mean something special to that person and they alone know what it means.

In any case I think most bloggers take time to choose a name that they like and can live with for a long time.

My name is ---- EXSENO ---- It is pronounced ---- X-SENNO ----- It suits me.

It is not individual letters that symbolize something it is a whole word with meaning.

It is a foreign language.

Can you guess what language it is????

Can you guess what my name means????

Thursday, March 17, 2005


Can someone more knowledgable of "blogging" explain this to me??? When I first decided to become a blogger I signed up. I was suppose to get a confirmation by e-mail with-in about 15 days that I was offically a blogger. But I didn't.

Then when I was trying to get started I was having some problems and could'nt find the answers in their help data base and their info. said I could e-mail for help. So I did. But I never got a reply.

So here I am blogging away, and communicating with people, and they are blogging away. And all the while I am wondering . Am I really a blogger?? Are you really a Blogger?? (did you get your conformation), Or am I living some kind of "virtual reality" dream here? Am I going to blog my little heart out only to wake up one day and find my site gone, and no one (including the adminstrator) will ever even know that I've been here. Will you still be here??

Have you ever heard from the administrator? Are you a confirmed blogger? Am I the only one floating around in "cyber blog space" to fall into the black whole of the "blogsphere" never to be heard of again. I hope not, I really like it!

But think about it. It could happen. For the past week at least there has been so many problems. Sometimes I can post a comment sometimes I can't. Sometimes I can view some ones blog, other times that page pops up that says " Can not find". But I know they are still there, so why can't they find. Sometimes it's days before I can find the site again, And if things are just jammed up because there is a lot of traffic, I can understand that, but I wish they would just say that.

I think one day we are all going to wake up and everyone is going to find on there own blog spot------

One BIG sign that says------------------CAN NOT FIND----------------------------------

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Not to long ago I read an article on kissing. Bad kissing and good kissing. It was very explicit, Informative and entertaining. It was a good article and I enjoyed it. I wanted to comment but he has so many followers that I was a little reluctant so I remaind silent. But I'm on my home turf now, so I'm just gonna let it fly (and maybe even shock a few friends).

Kissing is a prelude, an introduction to what could be. I can't speak for men but for many women the "Kiss" says it all. And she assumes --good kiss , good lover. Bad kiss, bad lover.

You know not everyone is kisser perfect. there's a lot of bad kissers out there.

I remember the best kisser I ever had like it was yesturday. His kisses were romantically tender and soft . And I still long for that perfect kiss that no one else could top. As for the sex -- I can't tell you we never went there.

On the other hand the worst kisser I ever had turned out to be the best lover I ever had. He was passionate, tender and caring. And so I kept allowing him to come back and come back and come back!!!

Wouldn't you???


Before I even begin this topic, let me clarify something about myself with you, I am a registered "Democrat" as were my parents, however I never vote for a person just because they are running on a democrtic ticket. I always try to learn about both candidates and I have been known to vote "Republican" if I feel he is the best candidate. So I hope that those of you who are loyal republicans don't automatically hate me. I will respectfully , respect your opinions as I hope you will mine.

I did not vote for Mr. Bush, for now let me just say that I disagree with some of his views highly, (I'm not talking about "war"), other things. If it makes you feel any better I didn't like Mr. Kerry either, just a "gut" feelling (ha ha , my delima) So through the whole campaign I was hoping someone else would pop up out of the blue a little better -- from either party and I probably would have voted for him, but that didn't happen so I did what most "homing pigeions" would do and voted for my party. That being said lets get on with it.

So, once again I'm listening to the news while sitting here trying to make friends with this computer, (still trying to learn) and what comes on but a "news press" confrence with President Bush. Welll of course I have to listen. And I found it, to say the least, very interesting! I watched his last press confrence and every time he was asked about the social security issue he would hedge as to what his plan was other than to privatize it. And once again at this press confrence he was asked point blank about his S.S. plan, he hedged a little, (he hedged a good bit), the reporter presisted in asking, "what is your plan" and I must say to his good Bush replied in all honesty -- "I do not have a plan." For me that was revilating. For one brief moment I could not believe he said that. Then he went on to say that he did not have a plan it was just a thought he had. He never made a plan and he needed help from both sides to work out a plan. He does'nt want it to be just a republican or just a democratic plan, he wants both sides to work on it together. He feels it will take both sides working together to accomplish any plan. And that he does not want to abolish S.S., he wants to fix it, and the private pay accounts will be a choice not a manditory thing to replace S.S. You can choose to do it or not choose to do it. (What happened here did somebody shake thier finger in front of his face and say you have to conduct a better press confrence or what?)

Well by now I am shocked and I must say "THANK YOU" Mr. Bush. Thank you for your honesty I have a newly found respect for you. I am even proud of you! I can't believe that I'm saying this but I do mean it. Because ever since this whole private pay thing came up I have been wanting to know what the plan was also. I kept thinking to myself and out loud too, how can anyone make a decission on this if they don't know what the plan is.

There is still one thing I will want to know and that is if this plan for these people who choose to do it will replace S.S. or will it be in addition to S.S. so that they can cut the rates to compensate. It might not be a bad idea after all????

I totally would love your input on this: What do you think about S.S, what do you feel about Bush. Inlighten me. But I beg of you have mercy on me, because I am not a well educated person so if you are to political I may burst my brain trying to understand.

There are still many other issues that I highly disagree with him on. And he is unbending on his views and so am I. To bad.

Monday, March 14, 2005


I made a new friend today (at least I hope I did.) and he is having some -- I'll just say "Hard Times".

So new friend I just want to tell you that I'll say a little prayer for you tonight and hope that it helps!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2005


Even if I don't really have anything important to do, I still go on the net every day and check my mail and the news etc. Today I did the same and what do I see on my Today player -- Jay Leno with a limo behind him and fake security guards all around him, dressed in his pj's mimicking Michael Jackson.

It is my understanding that he had to get approval from a judge before he could do it. Leave it to Leno. God I love him!

Monday, March 07, 2005


Yesturday I was at the computer doing absolutely nothing important and I had the T.V. on MSNBC news, and all of a sudden I hear Someone(??) or some orginazation had just completed a scientific study on why so many marriages fail. And when I heard their findings --well I almost fell off my chair in amazement, amusement and side splitting laughter.

Here are what they stated as their findings. It seems that most women make the decission to get married while on the pill and the pill (and I don't know how they determind this) but anyway, the pill in some way affects their judgement and they choose their mate on the basis of scent,yes fellows your being chosen soley by the way you smell. Now here's the kicker, because of the pill they tend to choose men that smell like their brother or their father. And that's why these marriages fail. There advise to women wishing to seek a mate. Get off the pill.

OMG! Have you ever heard such a crock -- ----. I would like to know more about the person who was in charge of this "Scientific Study", like what kind of disfunctional family did he/she come from???

Was he/she a psychologist? It wouldn't suprise me. I had a friend that was having a terrible time passing psychology because he disagreed so much with his professor insead of keeping his big mouth shut to pass the course. Everything was based on Freud. Freud has only one theory -- anything you do wrong or anything that is wrong with you, is all your Mothers fault. Oh I'm doomed.

Thursday, March 03, 2005


Some sayings, anecdote, and words to live by. Enjoy.

Great minds must be ready not only to take opportunities, but to MAKE them.
*Charles Colton

The boughs of no two trees ever have the same arrangement. Nature always produces individuals.
*Lydia Maria Child

Plunge boldly into the thick of life.

Your secret wishes are like a compass, pointing you in the direction you really want to go.

It takes two to speak the truth. One to talk another to hear.
*Henry David Thoreau

Every spirit builds itself a house, and beyond its house a world, and beyond its world a heaven.
*Ralph Waldo Emerson

What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly.
*Thomas Paine

Let your soul stand cool and composed before a million universes.
*Walt Whitman

Here is two of my favorites a friend sent to me, authors unknown.

When all around you turns to dust - vaccum.

The poorest man is not he who is without a cent, but he who is without a dream.
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