Friday, May 16, 2008


It's a different year and a different teacher. A good teacher, a caring teacher can bring out the best in any child.
English assignment. Learning to write different types of poetry. I hope you find them interesting.
So won't you take a walk with me down ' Lane's ', lane.

“Blueprints to Change the World”

Mothers and Fathers, children of all,
Brothers and Sisters, unite to the call!
Look around and see the city slums,
And listen to what is to come.

No weapons, just words profound,
Will be enough to shake the ground!
Can you hear the shuffling of feet?
An ocean of people, move through the street.

Rise like lions after deep sleep,
Listen to the sounds as your children weep!
Rise like the phoenix in rebirth,
Born from the ashes of our earth!

And when it’s all said and done,
The bells will sing “We have won!”
The dawning of a new day,
Fresh air after springs rain.

Though today we conquer,
This war is far from over.
Because the wind, it seems to say,
The storm is brewing for another day.


....... “All That’s Left”

A shining glimmer of light,
In the darkest of midnights,
The darkness of oppression,
The darkness of aggression,
Hope forever shines bright.



Who are you to judge?
To despise, hate, hold a grudge.
You’ll be here today, and tomorrow,
And though your words bring sorrow,
I will not budge.

“Fidel Castro”

When I see you
As brittle as a bird,
Longing to once more take flight
I think of when,

You lead from the front,
And they could not touch you
could not kill you,
could not break you.

A stone, a rock, solid, unchanged.
Though blinded by communism,
Like a man corrupted with sin,
Strayed away from the flock.

You are my enemy,
You are my idol.
Ideology and ways totally different
from me,

I still cry as you take your final bow.


.... “Answer This”

What is this darkness?
That prey’s on our weakness.
Nature of man?
Or the grip of Satan’s hand?
Pray for deliverance.

Thursday, May 01, 2008


It was a poetry assignment. They had to write ten different poems consisting of various types of poetry such as haiku, limerick, Ballad, etc.
Extra points for making a front cover for it.

He didn't want any help, but he did read us one or two short haiku poems to ask if we liked it.

I woke up the next morning to find his homemade book of poetry sitting on the kitchen table complete with front cover of his own creation. A design that looked like a flag with a white dove in the center and he titled it -- 'Blueprints to Change The World'

As I read them I thought my God if I didn't know he had written these I never would have imagined my grandson, a young man barely 16yrs. of age had created this wonderful composite of poems filled with such depth such emotion.
Each one was unique onto itself. He even wrote one about Fidel Castro, but the last one - well the last one brought tears to my eyes. It was the ballad. A lovely and sad story of love, that made me want to throw away every poem I have ever written.

All I can say is ' Wow'. He never ceases to amaze me!

I would love to post some of my favorites, but I don't want to bore those poetry haters out there so I' ll just share a little.

.............“My Love”

I see you across the room,
Sometimes in a crowded hall,
And all the time I wonder,
What if you knew?

What if you knew I loved you?
Like the rising morning sun.
What if you knew I wanted you?
Needed you, oh so badly.

But I am me. And you, are you.

I sometimes think,
Would we ever workout?
I sometimes think,
Could we be a perfect couple?

But I am me. And you, are you.

One time I brushed against you,
And I thought the world stopped turning.
And Birds sang of my feelings.
“He loves you so!”

But I am me. And you, are you.

Make my mood swing,
Make my heart sing,
All the little things,
I remember of you.

But I am me. And you, are you.

Wish we could be together,
Like true love, grow old together.
Love, laughter, loss,
All I feel with you.

But I am me. And you, are you.

You put yourself down,
And I act like a clown,
While I wonder why,
You hate yourself so.

But I am me. And you, are you.

Ever loved someone and know,
They could never love you back?
Oh how cruel!
That I am me. And you, are you.
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