Sunday, December 21, 2008

HO, HO, HO !

Thought that I had better post this today just in case we have a blast of weather bad enough to put our power out.
Today as I walk across my kitchen floor in my stocking feet, it feels like I am walking on ice . With my central heat on all the way and a small electric heater it is still very cold .
Shivers are not fun.

It is suppose to get down to 19 degrees tonight, for us that means, must remember to drip the faucets so hopefully our water won't freeze even if we do.

My dear blogger friend ' Shannon ' who lives in NH , has had no power for a while now, but thank God she does have heat. (Little plug for Shannon she has a lovely blog.)

Unfortunately I am all electric so when our power gos out we will be in big trouble.

So we hope it doesn't .

To all my blogger friends, hope your weather is better then ours and Shannon's

Love to you all , "Merry Christmas !"

Sunday, December 14, 2008


It had turned into night but still, it was very early in the evening. I remembered that there was going to be a full moon and I wanted to see it.

I went to the door and opened it and looked up
into the sky. The sky was a dark, dark lovely shade of blue.
A few stars here and there but I didn't see any moon at all, let alone a full moon.

I leaned out the door a little and looked to my left
and there it was to my left. It appeared to be so close, almost like it wasn't up in the sky at all, but like a 3-D movie, with the sky for a back drop.

I was shocked. The glow coming from it was so bright that it hurt my eyes to look at it, but I couldn't stop it was amazing. I've never seen a moon that big or hanging so low.
I looked all over the net to find an exact picture of what I had seen, but I couldn't find one so I settled for this one because of it's brightness.

The moon that I viewed in addition to being blindingly bright, had three rings around it. No, not like Jupiter. The three rings were not through the middle they were around the outer perimeter of the moon. The rings had a slight haze to them but the moon it's self was perfectly clear.

The more I gazed at this moon the more connected I felt to it, drawn to it, even mesmerized by it. I felt soothed and calm and a warmth from within. I didn't even realize that it was cold out anymore. Which makes me wonder.
Was it the moon? Was the moon giving me a gift? Was it soothing my inner soul or energizing my body or maybe Thanking me for coming out to see him in his full glory.

Why not. If the moon can effect the 'Ocean Tides' , Why then can't the moon have an effect on humans as well?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Last year we had the dreaded high winds, hail and tons of rain and flooding. So I was hoping for a better winter this year.

I suppose I should count my blessing prior to last year we had several years of really mild winters. I guess it made us all a little spoiled. But I fear that this year is going to be a real booger to get through.

Winter hit hard this year. October and November were so mild that we thought we had it made. Boy were we wrong. Yesterday we had such a down pour that it flooded us in. The good new is that my grandson still could get home from school by riding the school bus to the main highway and walking home through the back way thereby by-passing the bridge. The only problem with that is getting home through the back way can only be accomplished on foot. I walked through the back way to meet him with an umbrella so that his books wouldn't get all went.
Fat lot of good that did me.
The bus driver let him off the bus at a different spot thinking she was doing him a favor but by the time I got to him, he and his books were pretty wet anyway there was a big ditch that was filled with water and he had to jump across it to get to me. He was in such a hurry that instead of waited for me to get to him he threw his book bag across the ditch to make it easier for him to make it across. I could see him I just wasn't close enough to where he was so that I could catch the bag for him. The little stubborn stinker wouldn't wait.

The walk to get back home the back way wasn't much pleasure either as our path was so flooded we were walking in muddy water up to our ankles.
But we made it I guess that's all that matters.

I dread these kinds of winters because it is such a chore to get my grandson to and from school. It would have been a perfect holiday if the weather could have waited until Christmas vacation. Mother Nature has such bad timing. Drats
The good news is before everything flooded I was able to get to the store for some badly need supplies, I was drenched in the rain just getting from the car and into the store but at least for that couple of hours the streets were bearable.

Today it is only '37' digress and the weather prediction is that it will be getting lower not higher today.and snow is predicted.

Oh happy day.

I wish I had grown up in a state that always had freezing winters then maybe it wouldn't bother my so much, but I grew up in California. So all I can say is Brrrr.

Hope your weather is better the mine.

Saturday, December 06, 2008


It was a lovely quiet morning. My grandson at school and my daughter at work. What a perfect time to check my mail and talk to my blogger friends.
I checked my mail and went on the net and almost immediately I got a blue screen error report that read 'There is a problem and windows is shutting down to protect your computer from damage'. At that moment I didn't panic, but I thought perhaps it would be best to turn off the computer and check back later, so that's what I did.

But later when I tried to turn the computer back on, now that is when panic set in. The computer wouldn't turn back on. I tried again, nothing. When my daughter came home she tried to turn the computer on too, to no avail.

Sadly the computer had died. There seemed to be nothing we could do.

We rushed the computer to the 'Computer Hospital' as quickly as possible where the expert 'Technical Surgeon' was waiting for us. He took a look and said he needed to do surgery. So we left the computer with him and prayed for the best.

With his loving skillful hands he did heart surgery and gave our computer a heart transplant.
Yes, he was able to bring our computer back to life.

Recovery was swift and we were able to take our computer home within a couple of days.

It is so good to see our beloved computer up and running and
smiling again.
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