Thursday, September 29, 2005


How observant are we when it comes to our children, are we just to bussy to notice?
Do we think it is just a phase-- or is it that we just don't give a damn anymore as long as they stay out of our way and don't get into trouble..

Well maybe this lady needs to take another look around the room because I think 'TROUBLE', may be just around the corner.

We all love our children -- but how many of us talk to our children? How many of us know how to communicate in a way that will make them hear us? And (and this is a big and)
How many of us listen to them, I mean really listen, when they talk to us??
If you don't listen to what they say now, the next time it might be what they are 'not' saying that's important. Think about it.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005



Avik, fwl said I stole this from you, I didn't, I stole it today from a site I've never been to before, but since you deserve it I'm plugging you anyway because you have a great site!! So everybody visit Avik at

Saturday, September 24, 2005



If your child ask you to explain how he or she came to be, how would you answer.
Well here is a computer nerd with a whole new approach to explaining the 'Birds and the Bees'.

A Kid asks: “Daddy? How did I come into this world?”

The Daddy Answered: “Well, my child, some day I’ll have to tell you any way.”

The Kid asked again: So why not today?

The Dad Responds: Please, listen carefully. Mom and Dad met each other in a cyber cafe. In the restrooms of that cyber cafe, dad connected to mom. Mom at that time made some downloads from dad’s memory stick.

When dad finished uploading we discovered we used no firewall. Since it was too late to cancel or delete, nine months later we ended up with a virus.

Poor child is going to think he's a virus now, I wonder what the childs name is???

Friday, September 23, 2005



Panty Thief Busted Up, Then Busted
Friday September 09th 2005

Meet Bruce Taylor. The Oklahoma man was busted and busted up last Friday by an aggrieved husband and wife team whose home had been broken into on five consecutive nights. And why was the 20-year-old Enid man allegedly coming back to their place night after night after night after night after night? He was there for Maria Isordia’s bras and panties.

According to an affidavit filed in Garfield County District Court, husband Carlos set a trap for Taylor that would have made MacGyver proud. Using only a coffee cup, string, and a bra, Carlos nabbed Taylor (and then beat the intruder silly with a wooden leg taken off his baby’s crib).

Taylor, now facing up to 20 years in prison after being hit with a felony burglary charge, was treated at a local hospital before posing for the below Garfield County Sheriff’s Office mug shot. While getting bandaged up, Taylor admitted to cops he kept the unmentionables in a lunch box next to his bed. But Enid cops say that they actually found his underwear stash–weighing in at an astonishing 55 pounds–stored in a large red cooler.

(Like I always say "Revenge is sweet". I don't blame him do you?)

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


I know I'm going to "Hell" for this , but I just
could'nt resist. It was to cute to pass up.
Lord , I know you have a sense of humor, so
please forgive me!!!

To have a chat with God, CLICK HERE

Sunday, September 18, 2005


This is a breakdance video clip of the classical song 'Singin In The Rain' remixed and the guy in the movie will breakdance with a couple of “weird” breakdancers. I love it hope you will too.

click below to see the war of the dance begin.

Thursday, September 15, 2005


I would like to take this time to say to my friends/neighbors from India, HAPPY ONAM. It sounds like a wonderful custom. I wish for you, good weather and peaceful and happy festivites.


How would you like to meet these guys?

Mon Aug 29,12:01 PM ET

Three men trying to steal fuel from a New Zealand farm Monday ended up setting fire to their own car.

Police said the trio had siphoned diesel into a petrol-driven vehicle. When their car would not start, they examined the fuel pipe using a cigarette lighter.

One click, a boom and the car burst into flames.

"It wasn't a major whodunnit," senior sergeant Ross Gilbert told Reuters, from the small North Island town of Waipukurau, about 140 miles northeast of Wellington.

"Fortunately for them, there is no criminal charge for stupidity."

The men, aged 18 to 19, escaped injury but were charged with theft.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Eleven Children Found Caged in Ohio Home 1 hour,
1 hour, 6 minutes ago

Sheriff's deputies found 11 children locked in cages rigged with alarms Monday in a north Ohio home.

The children, ages 1 to 14, were in cages in the walls of the home in Clarksfield Township, about 50 miles west of Cleveland. They had no blankets or pillows, according to the Huron County Sheriff's Office.

The children were taken to Fisher-Titus Medical Center. No information on their conditions was available late Monday.

Sharon and Mike Gravelle are adoptive or foster parents for all 11 children, officials said.

The Gravelles do not have a listed telephone number.

Few additional details were available late Monday. Prosecutors were reviewing the case, but no charges had yet been filed.
I found this story on the net Sept.12. For me this kind of story is always mentally devestating. I can understand bad people being able to pass a background check and being able to adopt a child. I really can, after all if they've never been caught in the past, there's nothing to find. But what I never have been able to comprehend is how after obtaining a child or in this case many children, how in the world do they get away with the abuse. Why were they not found out soon after they got the children.

Where are the adoptive authorities when all of this is going on?

Where are all of those follow up visits that they are suppose to make??

How do monsters like this get away with this kind of abuse???

Are they monsters -- or could this be a mistake???

Well it seems today there is more to this story, This is how they got away with it:
It seems they had adopted a baby long ago with HIV. and had good reports, Ya right, the baby couldn't talk.

The Gravelles have said a psychiatrist recommended they make the children sleep in the cages, Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler told the Norwalk Reflector. The parents also said the children, including some who had mental disorders, needed to be protected from each other, according to court documents.

And the biggest blunder of them all:

The Gravelles received a subsidy from the state of at least $500 a month to care for the children.
"There's no follow up because you're giving that family the money so they can incorporate that child into their life," she said." (does that make any sense to you???)

By the way this has been on the news as I am finishing this post , I hear the them saying that the children have developed worse disorders because of the way they were treated.

Is anyone out there old enough to remember that very famous case, of this very intelligent famous couple, they were some sort of scholars or something, I think it was in New York, who adopted a little girl and tortured her for years. No one suspected until they finally got carried away and blugeoned her to death. IF you do refesh my memory. That was a horrible case.

I feel sorry for all of those couples who can't have children and have tried to adopt and have been unable to or not allowed to for what ever the reason. You know the kind of couples I mean -- The ones that would take good care of a child, love and spoil them.

Monday, September 12, 2005


Siberian police arrest bear for begging

A bear is reportedly being detained in a police cell after being arrested for begging in the western Siberian city of Divnogorsk.

According to the RIA-Novosti news agency, police picked up the female bear after reports she had been cajoling food from drivers parked at a roadside cafe.

"Capturing the bear didn't require much effort," a local police commander told the news agency, adding that the bear had obviously lived with humans for a long time.

She appeared to have fled from her owner or had been abandoned like a "useless toy", the officer said.

Despite her apparent familiarity with humans and good behaviour, the bear has been put behind bars, although the officer stressed it would be a temporary detention.

"We are feeding her honey and cake," he said.

Managers of the zoo in nearby Krasnoyarsk have refused to take the animal, saying they already had plenty of bears.

A former circus trainer has offered to give the bear a home if its owner doesn't come forward within two days.

The beggar is the second bear to be picked up this summer by police in Divnogorsk, a city of 30,000 on the Yenisey river, which is surrounded by dense Siberian forest or taiga.

Sunday, September 11, 2005


Destination Unknown

I had a love and a family too

And my future was bright and gay

Then we saw the Towers come down

And chaos fell upon us all ,

Followed by a terrible war

My future's no longer the same

Sometimes I'm not sure--

That I even know my name.

The soldiers come, the soldiers go

With bravery, fear, and rage.

God took the ones He needed most

And left us here to stay,

Yet through all of the terror

One miracle there came,

For one fleeting moment--

We, were all the same.

(In loving memory of all who where lost, and all who remain)

Friday, September 09, 2005


I was on Diamondkts site the other day and the subject was penis size. Everyone there that day just kind of had fun with the subject and no one seemed to be offended. To say the least it was interesting and it brought to mind a conversation that I was privy to hear many years ago.

First let me give you a little background a friend of mine had a brief affair, but the guy left her with something to remember him by a pregnancy. Opps, well sometimes things go wrong even with protection. She met another guy that didn't seem to mind at all that she was pregnant, and he wanted to marry her. I met the guy once God he was huge, he was almost 7 feet tall. He was fun to be with but she soon realized he was an alcoholic and didn't want that kind of life so that affair ended. She later heard he married another " pregnant " women. I remember her commenting on what's with him and pregnant women.

I know not funny, even a little sad, but what was funny would have been watching me if you could have been there several years later when my friend ran into the girl that introduced her to the big guy to begin with. I think I have a permanent neck injury from my head swinging back and forth as I silently sat listening to the conversation.

I was sitting at a table at a resturuant with my friend and her old friend came in and they began to hash up old times. My friend is to my left and her friend is to my right which left me in the middle with big ears all perked up listening to the gossip while trying to pretend like it was'nt of interest to me. My head swung from left to right listening to the gossip about the big guy. Head back to the left when my friend said to her friend what's up with him and pregnant women, why did he find another pregnant woman and marry her. Then my head swung to the right as her friend replied, because he can't have kids and he wanted some. As the conversation continued it became more and more interesting and my head kept swinging from left to right with each question and answer.

I was like a fly on the wall as they were so interested in their own converstion they didn't even acknowledge my being there or seem to notice my head swinging back and forth faster and faster as the conversation got juicier and juicer.
Her friend, "Well I thought you knew" My friend, "Know what?" Her friend, "You didn't sleep with him when we went camping?" (sure she did I'm thinking) My friend, "NO" Her friend, "The whole time you dated you didn't sleep with him?" My friend, "NO" Her friend, "Well---
Then I lost it, head fast to the left ( Oh lord I think I snapped my neck that time, but turned back to the right just in time to see her friend as she said), -- it's only this big." as she threw up her hand, fist closed and just her pinky finger up in the air.
My mouth fell open , but no one ever noticed. Head to the left as my friend said , "Huh!"
Head painfully back to the right as Her friend said, " Yup, this big throwing that pinky finger up again. Oh, oh, (my head was reeling while remaining silent waiting for the rest) But all I remember hearing was -- NO --Yes --Oh, my God!

According to her he had some kind of accident when he was little and it left him with a penis problem. Well I can't imagine what kind of accident could have done that unless he got it caught in something , somehow and was a penis amputee. Anyway, I guess that's his story and he's sticking to it.

A few more words were exchanged but I couldn't tell you what they were as I was still focusing on the pinky finger thing.
Then she had to leave and left us sitting there both in shock, with nothing to say.
Sitting silently with an image of a seven foot man with a penis no bigger then a pinky finger. A pinky finger for Gods sake. What a shit load of gossip , no wonder he stayed drunk.

I must say it was worth the sore neck.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005



It seems it's not a bit unusual for the average home to cost a million, WOW.



Time was (and not so long ago), that seven figures could buy you something really special. A penthouse with amazing views. A stunning Hamptons home. A really, really great place in California. On the beach.

But in nearly every corner of the U.S., the days of million-dollar mansions are, sadly, over. Welcome to an era of million-dollar bungalows, garden apartments and two-bedroom condos (in need of renovation).

However, most Americans still consider $1 million a lot of money, no matter what their real estate agents tell them--and rightly so. The problem is that in certain markets, there seems to be a complete disconnect between property value and the buying power of a dollar. In Manhattan, for example, one million bucks buys a two-bedroom condo--and usually not in a great part of town or with oodles of compensating charm. In the Hamptons, it will buy a modest A-frame unfashionably deep in the woods.
ONE MILLION - For a two bedroom anything , is just beyond my comprehension!

Saturday, September 03, 2005


I wrote this when our blogger friend 'Diamondkt' was gone but I thought you would get a little chuckle out of it anyway.

Have you used the new flag at the top of the page yet?? I have and I didn't like the results.

So be careful when you do use it, you better know what to do because just like most everything on blogger it is an automated tool.

The ad's people are putting on other peoples comment sections are becoming annoying. My grandson has had two of them on his comment section that were so long you wouldn't believe it. You had to scroll down forever to find the rest of your real comments. I deleted the first one for him, but he just got another one equally as long and I seem to be getting bombarded by them.
So, the other day I thought I would report them to blogger and see if they could put a stop to it.
This is what I get for never reading things thoroughly!
I was in my comment section thinking that I could hit the flag and something would come up so that I could give a report on being constantly spammed thus reporting them - NOT !

You must be on that persons site of whom your objection is , to report them and it won't work for spammer ad's because when you are on their site there is nothing objectionable just their ad. GET IT?

Since there is no objectionable language being used or no porn on that site there will be no action taken against them by hiting the flaag.

If your a dummy like me, don't be hitting the flag unless you are absolutely sure of what you are doing because the Flag only works for one thing. Reporting the site you are on, at the time you are on it. So it's pretty much only going to work for something like porn or maybe really objectionable language.

Anyway all this dummy did by hitting the flag was report herself as being an objectionable blog to view and no way to cancel it either.
YUP, YUP, YUP, I repoted myself! I tried to fix it but it is almost impossible to get thru to anyone , even by e-mail other then an automated response.


I hope where ever you are Diamondkt, you are reading this and having a good laugh, See what happens when you go away. I already screwed up without my TECH GURU.

I now have a new tittle for sure , I am now 'EXSENO the DUMB'.

I do however have a plan to gain my old title back - in that automated e-mail it says if none of these answers help you e-mail us at this address and we will get to you as soon as we can. So I will, if it works I'll let you know, but only if it works. I have a feeling it won't . I had problems when I first opened this site and e-mailed them and that was 8 months ago and never heard from them, so I think maybe the phrase "We will get back to you as soon as we can", means -

-- NEVER !

Buy the way I did hear from them this time and they said don't worry about the flag, since they have'nt perfected it yet most of them aren't working anyway. lol Click away people, click away at least it will make you feel better.


A guy was sitting quietly reading his paper when his wife walked up behind him and whacked him on the head with a magazine.
"What was that for?" he asked.
"That was for the piece of paper in your pants pocket with the name Laura Lou written on it," she replied.

"Two weeks ago when I went to the races, Laura Lou was the name of one of the horses I bet on," he explained.
"Oh honey, I'm sorry," she said. "I should have known there was a good explanation.
Three days later he was watching a ball game on TV when she walked up and hit him in the head again, this time with the iron skillet, which knocked himout cold.
When he came to, he asked, "What the heck was that for?"
She replied, "Your horse called!"

Friday, September 02, 2005


Well, my thirteen and a half year old grandson just sat me down and explained some politics, the oil situation and economics. I think? Unfortunetly he made a lot of sense .
He explained that we are low man on the totum poll when it comes to producing oil. I can't remember exactly what our status is, but he said we are something like 6th or 8th in the world when it comes to producing oil and he named the 6 or 8 countries that produced more then we do. (pretty bad when your grandson is smarter then you are.)

And so , (the little bugger said) " We will probably have to buy the oil that we were producing from other countries. Therefore, it is inevitable that gas prices will have to rise." And that's the exact words he used (inevitable, stinker).

Well, I am perclepst, (oh so what if it's not spelled right, is it in the dictionary, not), but I will not not give in, I stand by my post below.

He's always been this way, even when he was little he'd rather watch the news then a cartoon,( the little shit.)

Thursday, September 01, 2005


I don't even pretend to understand a lot about politics , so this is not meant to excite someone into a political debate but your comments are certainly welcomed. These are only my views, so O.K. people bare with me.

I don't believe for one little minute that gas and food has to go up any higher then it already has and I say this with every ounce of convection that I have within!!!!
I can barely buy proper food to feed my family or fill my gas tank right now. I don't know what it is like where you live but here minimum wage is only a little over five dollars an hour, yet food is higher and cars cost more then they do in some bigger states where our highest wage wouldn't even compare to their minimum wage. Not to mention rent and/or a house payments.

I remember seeing a show years ago, an expose sort of like Dateline, where they showed warehouses that the government had where they had tons of food stored. I remember one full of nothing but things like rice and grains etc. They could have been helping to feed the poor at least here in the US, but they where'nt. (and before you panic and start commenting read on, I know we need a reserve.)
Instead they were sitting in bags probably partially contaminated. Sitting there forever. Why where they not using it and replenishing it as they used it while times were good. But they don't do that do they. No let's just let it sit there partly molded partly eaten by what ever bug or rodent comes along.

Why do I believe that gas prices do not need to be raised?? Two reasons.

First of all they began to raise them after the dissaster but before they even new if the oil dereks had been damaged. Yes, I heard that on the news, exactly " it will be a while before we can even assess if there is damage to them or not. " Yet prices started going up immediately!!! WHY?? Before anything was assesst. I want to know, WHY!!

Secondly , this is not the only place in the US where oil is being produced. What about Calif. they also produce oil. Feel free to comment here , where else do you know of ,that you have seen oil dereks. Yes, think about it!! In the whole US there are more places producing oil not just this one place.

It is time for the people of the US to stop taking it. Stop accepting and start banning together. Everyone capable of writing needs to take the time to sit down and write a letter to your state representatives and your congressmen (especially your representative they want to climb that ladder so they want to be your friend). If you don't know who they are -- find out. If you didn't vote doesn't matter, write anyway.

If you think it won't help, you are so wrong, but it has to be done by the masses or yes it will not work. There has to be lots of letters written for them to pay attention to how devastated we, their very own people are.
They need to be flooded with letters, but - and this is a big - BUT they have to be written in a certain way or they will not read them they will throw them away.
How do I know this, I worked for the Cooperative Extension Service for many years and a portion of our jobs were going to be cut out by the governement since our jobs were funded , part state, part Federal, we were taught the proper way to write concerning this problem and asked to write, we all did. It worked.

If you are interested in doing this and want your letter to be acknowledged here is the key to doing it properly.
Your letter must be polite, short and to the point. To long, (it will be trashed) Be polite, state what you need and get out. Don't rant and rave ( it won't do anything but get it trashed) . Don't go on and on about your perosnal views, this is not the letter you want to do that in ( grounds for trashing). Don't trash your President this is not the letter to do this in (trashed again).
The soul purpose of this letter is to ask him to bring to someones attention on your behalf that you can not exsist if gas and food get any higher. You can barely afford to put enough gas in your car to get back and forth to work right now.

Of course put it in your own words -- that is exactly why I am not posting a sample letter-- just remember to make it Short, polite and to the point and thank him for his interest and help.

Do it , it really could help if done by many. Don't say to yourself, oh I'm not going to do it beacause I can't get my friends to do it. You don't know how many other people are doing the same thing and your letter is important. You may not be aware of it but it will be discussed behind closed doors and you just might reek the benefits. It's worth a try isn't it??

footnote: After writing this post, the news flash with the President came on. It was very nice. I also heard the criticism afterwords. I still say write your letters as gas and food may go up even more before it is ove

Even though this post is about the rising prices , make no mistake Katrina caused a horrible dissaster and my heart go's out to the people that have lost loved ones and the survivers. They are suffering terribley and I pray they will get the help they need soon! Yesturday wouldn't have not been soon enough, so all I can say is please God help them. And forgive me if I say I don't give a darn about the history of the state being lost right now all that matters now is the people.
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