Sunday, November 22, 2009



Memory came today
And called for me by name

I stayed silent as he spoke.
Oh how he haunts me.

Darkness came today,
And called for me by name,

I answered with my tears,
each drop tasting bitter.

Death came today,
And called for me by name.

I raised my hand, told my name,
And said my silent prayer before I let go.

"I'm not real,
I don't exist,"
As I fell into,
The dark abyss,

And embraced it.

Author: My Grandson

Monday, November 16, 2009


I met my new daughter-in-laws Mother before the wedding and ran into her coming and going a couple of more time after that.
She always looked so nice, very well kept. Her hair always perfect, lovely cloths, but if you said, 'Hi how are you', you would be much better off saying just 'Hi', because she never felt very well and was sure to tell you that. This hurt, that hurt, her back hurt all of the time I think?

My daughter-in-law thought her Mother was a hypochondriac.

Finally an answer was found to at least a part of her Mother's problems.
A doctor told her she needed her lower disk removed, that was what a big part of her problem was, and if she didn't get it removed it would eventually make her leg paralyzed.

The Doctor also told her that there was a very good hospital in Jackson Mississippi and the staff there was very familiar with that kind of surgery.

So they scheduled the surgery for last Monday and off they went across the state line and way down to Jackson. Just Mom and daughter.

The surgery went well. The Disk was removed and the doctor was just finishing sewing up her back and God intervened, and lowered the boom. Before anyone realized that something was wrong, -- something went wrong. She died.

Her blood pressure dropped and she bled out internally, her veins collapsed, so they couldn't even find a vein to try to pump some blood into her.

What would they say to her daughter? The surgery was a success but the patient died?
How could they explain this. Was the Anesthetist negligent? Isn't he suppose to keep his eyes on that blood pressure machine all through the surgery, so that he can catch something like that?

It was a shock to all, the Doctor, the Anesthetist and of course devastating to my poor daughter-in-law.
She had taken her Mother there all by herself. She had been told that the surgery would be done in the morning and by late evening she would be able to go home to recuperate.

My son got the dreaded phone call and he left and you can bet he burned rubber all the way there. Of course he did, wouldn't you?
To be there for her as fast as he could, to hold her, console her and bring her home where she could grieve in familiar surroundings with people who love her.

The funeral was yesterday.

I have no words of wisdom, I wish I did. And I don't know why things happen the way they do. But I do know one thing for sure.

God gives us life and many gifts along the way -- He also give us trials.
And no matter where you are or what you are doing, when it's your time to go,
God is there for you and He is going to take you 'Home'.

Sunday, November 01, 2009


Last night was Halloween and my new step-granddaughter and her friend came by a little early to show me their costumes and make sure they got their goodies. Oh they knew they would get something good because my step-granddaughter made sure that she told me they wanted candy bars/ chocolate not any of that old hard candy. So I made sure that's what I had. They got their goodies and left to wait for the darkness and the fun of trick or treating.

Shortly after that my daughter-in -law came over to ask me to come over and see what my son had done to his four wheel drive. Well since they live right next to me it was a short walk and she seemed so excited, so I went with her to see what she was so excited about.

Much to my surprise he had decided to take the girls trick or treating along with his new wife and he had decorated the back of his old four wheel drive. He had strung a big high circle of lights over the bed of the truck, filled up the back of the truck bed with hay and had a huge cauldron with a big Crooked stir stick in it.
It was adorable but frankly I was surprise at his enthusiasm. He never did anything like this in his first marriage, I guess the second time around is the charmer because he certainly seemed happy to do it. All that was left now was to wait for the darkness which came soon and off they all went, and as they past my house on their way down the road, I yelled don't forget to go down Cherry Street, they always have good things there.

It wasn't long before I heard the familiar sound of that noisy truck coming back up the road. All I could think of was, Wow, the girls must have filled up their goody bags awfully fast. But in a few minutes the girls were at my door to share with me how broken their little hearts were and their disappointment that no one was giving out candy. They only found one lady that would open her door and she only gave them one tiny piece of hard candy. All the other houses had lights out and doors bolted and no one was answering to their knocks on the doors and their calls of trick or treat.
So I gave them some more of my candy and they went back next door.

In just a short while my grandson and I heard a loud noise, a huge noise.
It sounded like an explosion and we ran out the door to see if everything was alright next door. But it wasn't an explosion at all.

My son had built a big fire and he was setting off fireworks.

In addition to my daughter in laws nine year old girl, she also has a grown son and daughter who are both married and each have a child of their own.
They were both there with their families. In fact the back yard was full of people.

Adults and children, friends and neighbors from up and down our road were all gathered together in my sons back yard. Laughing and talking and making bets on how fast my son could run every time he put more firework into the fire.
The fireworks were absolutely beautiful shooting high up in the sky as though they had been shot out of a cannon then bursting into their vibrant shades of blues and reds and yellows.

What started out to be a sad Halloween turned out to be a wonderful night of fun and friendship for all. It was wonderful to see such camaraderie.

My son turned a very sad evening into a happy occasion.

So you see -- Halloween is not dead, it's just different.

I have a feeling that from now on Halloween is going to be a back yard party, maybe even with food and goodies for the kids, for sure, there will be lots of fireworks!
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