Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Hi Everybody,

How is everyone in Blogsville? It feels like I've been out of the loop for a very long time and I have missed all of you so much.
I hope to get back to blogging on a little more regular basis.

We have had a very interesting winter this year. We don't usually have snow, but this year we had more then our share.
The first snow was in December, it didn't last long one snow day is all. But it was fun for my grandson who is now in his late teens and the neighborhood kids that gathered in my back yard to build a Snowman. Teens and Children gathered together to create and enjoy day.

They had a ball, but when they were through and got finished admiring their work they all went home and my grandson came indoors. However after a few minutes of thought my grandson (the perfectionist), decided that the Snowman could be a little bit better and he went back out to make Mr. Snowman a little rounder, a little bigger, a little smoother and a little more detailed.

Engrossed in his work he didn't realize just how cold it really was. I tried to get him to come in but all I could hear was, "when I'm finished Granny."

When he finally came in the arches of the bottom of his feet were black, not with dirt, not with bruises, he had a bad case of frostbite.

Thank God my daughter was home. It was her day off. She knew just what to do. And suddenly she was no longer Mom, she was the professional Emergency Technician that she trained to be.
She flew into action. Just as calm as the professional that she is.

As for myself, I was in shock-- not over what happened, but at how much I did 'not' know about frostbite.

If I had been there alone with him, I would have put his feet in a nice warm/hot, pan of water or had him relax in a nice warm bath.

Guess What--Wrong thing to do!!! Very wrong.

Ask me why and I will tell you.
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