Wednesday, May 13, 2009


The things some never think about,
are what's important to me.

The things that so many never see,
stand out in my memory.

The retarded child with happiness,
and sweet and innocent love.

The courage of the wheel chair bound,
and how they have overcome.

The blind who seem to see with their soul,
so much more than we.

All of these things I view with love,
for all humanity.

Friday, May 01, 2009


The wedding came the wedding went. It is over! Done! They finally got married and I officially have a new daughter-in- law. Hooray!

It was a beautiful outdoors wedding and it took place in her Aunts back yard. Her back yard starts at the top of a hill and works it way down to a lake. At the bottom of the hill over looking the lake and a boat dock, the family had set up tables and chairs and the bride and groom stood in front of the boat dock to say their vows with a backdrop of the lake. It was really a beautiful scene.

I noticed that a lot of children ranging in sizes had walked up just to the left of them during the ceremony and when the preacher asked who gives this woman to this man, to my surprise, in unison all of her relatives children yelled, "We do"! I was so tickled I could hardly contain myself.

It was suppose to rain that day, but her aunt was fully prepared. She had umbrellas on her porch for all, just in case.

During the ceremony a drop of rain here or there dropped, but not enough to even make anyone take notice.

After the vows were said and done all walked back up the hill and
there awaited food and drink for all.

Everyone stood still and watched the bride and groom feed each other that first piece of cake, but no one suspected, not even me, that the groom would mash that piece of cake all over her face.
Bless her little heart, she ran into the house to clean up. When she came back out he apologized and leaned over to kiss her, she turn her head up to accept his kiss then -- wham! She smacked him across the side of his head with, yes, cake. He was digging cake out of his ear for the rest afternoon.

He, he, he. He has met his match! Little but mighty, just like her Mother-in Law.

With the exception of the cake episode, it was probably one of the nicest weddings that I have ever attended and I'm not saying that because it was my sons. It is because it was also a time for people to gather that hadn't seen each other for a long time. Old friends were reunited and caught up on old times.
And the good Lord held back the rain until it was time to go. How can you beat that gift.

When my daughter and I left, we found a little liquor store and bought a bottle of wine and a couple of wine glasses and snuck them in the bride and grooms home so that they could have a private toast and unwind.

On our way home it began to rain in sheets. It' rained so hard neither one of us could barely see anything out of the windows.

We were thankful that we made it home safely and we ended the evening with our own unwinding, with the bottle of wine that we bought for us. Oh yes we did.

Do you really think that a Greek person is going to walk into a liquor store and walk out without a bottle of wine of their own? Impossible.
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