Thursday, August 23, 2007


Did You Know:
Since 373 BC when the ancient Greeks first noted that rats, weasels, snakes, and even centipedes fled the city of Helice days before the earth violently shook, people have believed that animals are able to predict earthquakes.

Did You Know:
The Chinese have long believed dogs and cats are able to predict quakes. In 1975, the city of Haicheng was evacuated days in advance of an earthquake based on the behavior of dogs and cats. An estimated 150,000 lives were saved.

Did You Know:
When the Tsunami of 2004 devastated the countries along the Indian Ocean, it took the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, but animals faired remarkably well.

Stories like these lead many people to believe that animals have some kind of sixth sense.
Many scientists are still skeptical about the ability of animals to detect earthquakes.
Scientists who do believe animals can sense earthquakes don’t always agree on the animals’ “method.” Are they picking up electromagnetic waves the earth emits before a quake? Are they smelling gases? Can they feel early tremors too subtle for our senses? How do they know?

What do you think?

Dr. Coren believes that the dogs’ ability to hear at extraordinarily high frequencies allows them to pick up on the high-pitch sounds of rocks scraping and breaking beneath the earth, an event that precedes earthquakes. This idea was further supported by the finding that the dogs with floppy ears did not react as much as dogs with pointy ears. Floppy ears tend to block high-pitched sounds. Dogs with smaller head sizes were also better at picking up the sound than dogs with larger heads. It’s the same with other animals – elephants pick up low-frequency sounds well, while bats are better attuned to high frequencies.

So why do dogs become agitated when they hear rocks scraping underground? Do they understand its meaning? Do they know danger is imminent? Dr. Coren says no. It’s more likely that the sound to them is like nails on a chalkboard and they want to get away from it.

I think Dr. Coren, has a pretty good theory. I can believe that Dogs may be able to hear or possibly even feel the movement before we do. But I don't agree with her theory that they are only annoyed by it. I think they sense there is a real danger coming and that is why they leave.

Hmmmm. Now that I think about it, I haven't seen the racoons that come around here lately and the bunnys haven't been in the yard and I haven't even seen a snake.
Very strange, maybe it's time for me to gather up my family and take a little trip. Come on Missy, Micky, Kitty, oh can't forget my grandson. Boy get in the car.

Saturday, August 11, 2007


You may have heard it on the news. Friday there was a terrible shoot out in Louisiana.
This horrible disaster started about noon and lasted most of the afternoon with the suspects held up in a hotel room.
Apparently the police had a tip that something was going down. The story for the most part is that they were from Texas. No one knows why they were there, or at least they are not telling at this time. Seems strange to me that they were at a hotel that was right next to a courthouse? Makes one wonder?
But once they reached that hotel room they were apparently willing to kill or be killed, and that's exactly what happened.

When it was over, some of the suspects were dead and one,a female got away. Two police men also died at that scene and the two EMT's were wounded while trying to save lives.
What a reward for their dedication of wanting to save lives. The ambulance personal consisted of one man and one woman. The man was shot three times in the arm. He lost a lot of blood and his arm is badly damaged.
The woman was shot in the back of the head but her head must have been at such an angel that the bullet grazed the back of her head. She was on the ground with one of the police officers who had been shot in the mouth, when one of the gunmen came running out of the hotel and ran straight at her with two guns shooting at her, She laid on top of the downed officer while another police officer intervened. The officer shot the gunman and wounded him, but he fell on top the poor female EMT that was laying on top the other officer. So the officer yanked her out from between the two men and shot and killed the gunman. Not any to soon either. I'm sure she was glad to see that officer but can you imagine how much shock she must have been in. She didn't even now that she had been shot and no one else noticed either. She noticed it much later, on her way home, when she touched the back of her head and got blood on her hand so she headed for the hospital.

As of today they haven't caught the woman that got away, but they have arrested three more people that live in LA, that apparently were somehow involved.
My daughter is an EMT,(Emergency Medical Technician). She works in Louisiana. In fact the people that I have just written about was her boss and a co-worker and a lot of the officers have worked with her too. They are all like family.

I think I now know the meaning of the phrase 'But for the grace of God.'

My daughter had just finished her shift that very morning and left the state of LA to come home, Shortly after she got home we received a call telling us that there was a shoot out in progress and that her fellow employees were injured.

But for the grace of God, that could have been my daughter.

I don't think that medical personnel should be called right in the middle of a shoot out. They should be near by but not right in the middle of it.

I think it's a sad day when people dedicate their life to saving lives and they have to fear for their own life while they are doing the life saving.

What is in store for their future. Are medical personnel going to have to start carrying weapons for their own protection. Are they going to end up occasionally having to take a life to save a life. I know my own daughter has been in some pretty dangerous situations her own self.

I can picture it here is my imagination a vision of the future.

.Grab the weapon of your choice

We have to save some lives today.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


One thing, one simple little thing, run a search. That's all I wanted to do and it became the task of horror. I just wanted to look for a couple of songs that I liked in an old movie. What could be so hard.

I typed in the movie and I asked for the songs in every way I knew. All I could get was the DVD of the movie for sale.
I don't want the movie. I have the movie.I want the sound track. I made that clear but the search engine apparently didn't understand. I tried Google. I tried Yahoo. I tried 'Ask', which by the way I hate, even when it was 'Ask Jeeves' it never gave me a decent answer. I even took a look at the Webopedia, all it gave me was information on the movie.
At this point I'm yelling, I have the movie stupid, like it could hear me. Yes I admit it, I throw temper tantrums at the search engines. Tell me you don't at least feel like it sometimes?
Come on admit it.

Anyway, I kept typing it in until finally one of them got the message, I wanted something in the way of music,but all it would offer me was the title song.
I wanted all of the songs but I would have taken that one song for starters just one problem all I could get there was the music. Not even the original music and no words.
I wanted the words. I wanted the whole shebang, the lyrics, the music all of it and I still wanted more then one song. So I decided to try a different strategy.

I first viewed the movie many years ago at a theater here in the US, but it was a Greek movie made in Greece titled 'Never on Sunday', so I thought I would go to some Greek sites. That didn't work either. So to my disappointment I had to give up.

I'm satisfied that I'll be able to get the songs on a Greek site by just typing in the names of the songs individually. But I didn't want to wait.
My CD player works fine but my VCR has been tearing up my old tapes or I could have solved the problem today by putting the tape in and getting the title of the songs that I wanted. That's why I had to try to find them by using the movie title.

Oh well you know how it is when you get something in your head that you want to do right now, it's frustrating and I'm stubborn. I wasted the better part of my evening, well all of my evening.
Let's call it impatient. It sounds better then stubborn. And you know what I say about impatience.

Impatience is like curiosity, it'll kill you, so I'm going to take my blood pressure now and go relax.
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